On 3/17/2021, Resolution No. 237/2021 (the “Resolution”) was issued by the Secretariat of Domestic Trade (SCI) of the Ministry of Productive Development.

The Resolution responds to the verification of situations of unjustified hoarding of raw materials, refusals of sale of supplies as well as the discontinuity in the production of goods and provision of services without specific reasons, among others.

In particular, through the Resolution:

  • The “Information System for the Implementation of Economic Reactivation Policies” (“SIPRE”) is created.
  • An informative, reserved and confidential regime is established, through SIPRE, for large companies of the commercial and industrial sectors (food, beverages, personal care and cleaning; construction; chemicals and agrochemicals; electronics and appliances, and furniture, among others) that during 2019 have registered total sales in the domestic market[1] greater than the amount established by Resolution No. 220 dated April 12, 2019 of the former SECRETARIAT OF ENTREPRENEURS AND OF SMALL AND MEDIUM ENTERPRISES of the former MINISTRY OF PRODUCTION AND LABOR and its amendments. In this sense, said companies must report monthly in the SIPRE the current prices and quantities sold of all their final or intermediate goods, for as long as the emergency declared by Law No. 27,541 is maintained.
  • It provides that the supply of the information mentioned in the previous paragraph must be carried out on a monthly basis, through the information repository of the MINISTRY OF PRODUCTIVE DEVELOPMENT, within the first ten (10) calendar days of each calendar month. In addition, in the first filing, the prices and quantities produced and / or sold must be informed, as well as the stock of all its products, during January and February 2021.
  • It appoints the UNDER SECRETARIAT FOR INTERNAL MARKET POLICIES as the Law Enforcement Authority, with powers to regulate its implementation and execution.
  • It provides that the breach of the duty of information established will be sanctioned in accordance with the provisions of Law No. 20,680, on Supply.

If you have any questions, you can contact:

Marcos Nazar Anchorena:

[1] Excluding Value Added Tax and any Internal Tax that may apply.


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