Bridging Gaps

Talent enhanced by passion

Every case we take up is regarded as an opportunity to display our unique ability: to form interdisciplinary, trained teams, in any corner of Argentina, Uruguay or the world. This ability derives from the firm’s long experience, integrity and prestige obtained throughout decades of professional services.

The Firm also relies on prestigious external advisors to work hand in hand with our attorneys to address cases that require certain expertise or experience. This value added, along with our team of correspondents in the main cities of Argentina and Uruguay, allow us to transcend any border. Our renown active presence all around the globe has allowed us to work with our clients in jurisdictions with scarce local support.

Members and Counsel of the Firm

Alberto Navarro

Florencia Cavazza

José María Manochi

Marcos Nazar Anchorena

Alejandro Laje

Patricia Castaño

Alfredo Inciarte

Diego Cavanagh

Horacio Rotella

Rodolfo Vedoya

Sofía Inchauspe

Andrés Saravia

Alfonso González Moreno

Ramiro Gandur Aguilar

Patricio Inciarte Bonasso

María Luz Ottone

Martina Bileni

Matías Caccavo

Gabriel Castellani

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